How Much Does It Cost to Go to Florida Museum of Natural History?

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful state of Florida and looking for some educational and entertaining activities to do? Well, look no further than the Florida Museum of Natural History. This museum is located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, and it offers visitors an immersive experience into the natural world.

So, how much does it cost to go to the Florida Museum of Natural History?

  • Adults (ages 18-59): $16
  • Seniors (ages 60+): $14
  • Children (ages 3-17): $9
  • UF students/staff with a valid Gator1 card: FREE

As you can see, there is a fee for admission to the museum for most visitors. However, UF students and staff get in for free! It’s also important to note that there may be additional fees for special exhibits or events.

What Can You Expect to See at the Florida Museum of Natural History?

Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted with a stunning display of fossils from all different time periods. From there, you can explore various exhibits that showcase Florida’s unique natural history. Some highlights include:

  • The Butterfly Rainforest – an indoor exhibit that features hundreds of live butterflies flying freely in a lush tropical setting.
  • The Northwest Florida: Waterways & Wildlife exhibit – a display that showcases the diverse ecosystems found in this region.
  • The South Florida People & Environments exhibit – an exhibit that explores the rich cultural heritage of South Florida’s people and their relationship with their environment.

Tips for Visiting the Museum

If you’re planning a visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Allow at least 2-3 hours for your visit to fully explore all the exhibits.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – there’s a lot of walking involved!
  • Bring a refillable water bottle – there are water fountains throughout the museum.
  • If possible, visit during the week when it’s less crowded.

In conclusion, the Florida Museum of Natural History is a fantastic destination for anyone interested in learning more about Florida’s natural history. While there is a fee for admission, it’s well worth it for the experience you’ll have. So go ahead and plan your trip today!