How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Natural History Museum?

Are you planning a visit to the Natural History Museum but wondering how much it will cost? Well, the good news is that the museum has free admission! That’s right, you can explore all the exhibits and wonders of this world-renowned museum without paying a dime.

However, there are some special exhibitions and events that require a ticket purchase. These can range in price depending on the exhibit and age of the visitor. The museum offers discounted rates for seniors, students, and children.

One such special exhibition is the Butterfly Pavilion. This is a seasonal exhibit that allows visitors to walk through a lush garden filled with hundreds of live butterflies from around the world. Admission to this exhibit ranges from $6-$12 depending on age.

Another popular event at the Natural History Museum is their First Fridays series. On the first Friday of every month, visitors can enjoy extended hours and access to special programs and events. These tickets cost $20 for non-members and $15 for members.

If you’re interested in seeing a film at the museum’s theater, tickets for adults start at $8 while children’s tickets start at $5.

It’s important to note that while general admission is free, donations are encouraged to help support the museum’s mission of education and conservation. Visitors can choose to donate any amount they wish at various locations throughout the museum.

In conclusion, visiting the Natural History Museum can be an affordable and enriching experience thanks to its free admission policy. However, if you want to attend special exhibitions or events, there may be additional costs. Don’t forget to consider making a donation to support this amazing institution!