How Much Is the Museum of Natural History?

Are you planning to visit the Museum of Natural History? One question that may be on your mind is, “How much is admission?” In this article, we will explore the different pricing options and discounts available at the museum.

General Admission

The general admission fee for adults (ages 13-59) is $23. Children (ages 2-12) and seniors (60 and up) are charged a reduced rate of $18. Students with valid ID are also eligible for a discounted rate of $18.

Special Exhibitions

In addition to general admission, certain special exhibitions require an extra fee. These exhibits offer a more immersive experience and often feature interactive displays and multimedia installations. The cost for special exhibitions varies depending on the exhibit, but typically ranges from $10-$30.


If you plan on visiting the museum multiple times or want to take advantage of exclusive benefits, becoming a member might be a worthwhile investment. Membership options include individual, dual, family, and even lifetime memberships. Prices range from $115-$1,500 depending on the level of membership.


The Museum of Natural History offers several discounts for visitors who qualify. For example:

  • Military personnel with valid ID receive free admission.
  • New York City public school students can visit for free with their class.
  • Visitors with disabilities are eligible for discounted admission rates.
  • The museum participates in the Museums for All program, which provides reduced admission fees to low-income families with EBT cards.


In summary, the cost of admission to the Museum of Natural History varies depending on factors such as age, membership status, and special exhibits. However, with discounts and promotions available, there are many ways to make a visit to this world-renowned museum affordable.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and explore the wonders of natural history!