How Was Grain Stored in Ancient Times?

Grain has been a staple food for humans since ancient times. It was a valuable commodity that needed to be stored properly to avoid spoilage and ensure a steady supply of food throughout the year. In this article, we will explore how grain was stored in ancient times.

Storage Methods in Ancient Times

In ancient times, people used various methods to store grain. Some of the most common methods were:

Underground Storage

Underground storage was one of the earliest methods used to store grain. People would dig pits or underground chambers to store their grain. These storage spaces were usually lined with straw or leaves to prevent moisture from seeping in and spoiling the grain.


Granaries were another common method used for storing grain. These were large buildings constructed specifically for storing grains. The walls of granaries were often made of stone or mud bricks, which helped keep the interior cool and dry.

Earthen Jars

Earthen jars were also used for storing grain in ancient times. These jars were made by hand using clay and were often sealed with wax to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Challenges Faced in Grain Storage

Storing grain in ancient times was not an easy task. There were several challenges that people faced when storing their grains, such as:


Moisture was one of the biggest challenges faced by people when storing grains. If moisture got into the storage space, it could cause the grains to spoil or even sprout.


Pests such as rats and insects posed another challenge for those storing grains. They could get into the storage space and eat or damage the grains, causing them to become unusable.


In conclusion, grain storage was a vital aspect of ancient life. People used various methods to store their grains, including underground storage, granaries, and earthen jars.

However, they also faced several challenges such as moisture and pests. Despite these challenges, people were able to store their grains successfully and ensure a steady supply of food throughout the year.