How Was Hunting Used in Ancient Times?

Hunting is a practice that has been around since the dawn of humanity. In ancient times, hunting played a significant role in the survival of early human societies. Let’s explore how hunting was used in ancient times.

The Importance of Hunting in Ancient Times

In ancient times, hunting was essential for survival. Early humans hunted wild animals for food, clothing, and tools. Hunting also helped early humans to develop their survival skills, such as tracking and hunting techniques.


One of the primary uses of hunting in ancient times was for food. Early humans did not have access to modern agriculture or farming methods, so they relied on hunting wild animals to provide them with meat.

Wild game, such as deer, rabbits, and birds were hunted using primitive weapons such as spears and bows and arrows. The meat from these animals provided early humans with a source of protein that was essential for their survival.


In addition to providing food, hunting was also used for clothing. Early humans hunted animals like deer and bison for their hides which were then used to make clothing.

The hides were tanned using a variety of methods including smoking and soaking in water with animal brains. Once tanned, the hides were then cut into pieces and stitched together to make clothing that would keep early humans warm during colder months.


Hunting was also used in ancient times to make tools. Early humans would use bones from the animals they hunted to make tools like knives, spears, and arrowheads.

The bones were sharpened using stones or other hard materials and then attached to wooden handles using animal sinew or plant fibers. These tools were essential for early humans as they allowed them to hunt more efficiently and survive in harsh environments.

The Evolution of Hunting Methods

Over time, hunting methods evolved as early humans developed new technologies and tools. In the Middle Ages, hunting became a recreational activity for the wealthy and nobility.

Hunting with dogs and falcons became popular, and new weapons like crossbows were developed. In modern times, hunting is still practiced for both food and recreation.

The Future of Hunting

Today, hunting is regulated by laws and regulations that aim to protect wildlife populations. Some people argue that hunting is no longer necessary for survival in modern times, while others believe it is still an important part of our heritage.

Regardless of your opinion on hunting, one thing is clear – it played a significant role in the development of human societies throughout history.


Hunting was a vital part of ancient societies. It provided early humans with food, clothing, and tools that were essential for their survival. Hunting methods evolved over time as new technologies were developed, but the importance of hunting remained constant.

Whether you are a hunter or not, it’s important to understand the historical significance of this practice. Hunting has shaped our history and will continue to play a role in our future.