How Were People Cooked in Ancient Times?

Have you ever wondered how people in ancient times cooked their food? Cooking is an essential aspect of our lives, and it has been practiced since the beginning of human civilization.

However, the methods and techniques used for cooking have evolved over time. In this article, we will take a look at how people were cooked in ancient times.

Ancient Cooking Methods

Cooking methods used by ancient people varied depending on their location, culture, and available resources. Some of the popular cooking methods include:

Open Fire Cooking

One of the earliest cooking methods was open-fire cooking. People would light a fire using wood or other combustible materials to cook their food. This method was commonly used by nomads and early settlers who did not have access to modern stoves and ovens.

Clay Ovens

Clay ovens were also a popular way of cooking food in ancient times. These ovens were made by shaping clay into a dome-like structure with an opening at the top. The oven was heated using wood or charcoal, and the food was placed inside to cook.

Hot Stones

Hot stone cooking was another method that involved heating stones over a fire and then placing them in a pit or hole in the ground. The food was then placed on top of the hot stones to cook.

Cooking Techniques

Cooking techniques used by ancient people were also different from what we use today. Some of these techniques include:


Boiling involves heating water until it reaches its boiling point and then adding food to cook in it. Ancient people boiled their food using pots made from clay or metal.


Baking involves cooking food using dry heat produced by an oven or fire. Ancient people baked their bread, meat, and vegetables in clay ovens.


Grilling involves cooking food over an open flame or hot coals. Ancient people used this technique to cook their meat and fish.

Cooking Implements

The cooking implements used by ancient people were also different from what we use today. Some of the popular cooking implements include:


Spits were long metal or wooden rods that were used to hold meat or fish over a fire for grilling or roasting.

Stone Mortar and Pestle

The stone mortar and pestle were used for grinding grains, spices, and herbs. This method was commonly used to make flour for bread.

Clay Pots

Clay pots were commonly used by ancient people for boiling water and cooking food. These pots were made by shaping clay into a vessel-like structure and then firing it in a kiln.


In conclusion, it is fascinating to see how people in ancient times cooked their food using various methods and techniques. Cooking has evolved over time, but some of the traditional methods are still practiced today. By understanding how our ancestors cooked their food, we can appreciate the evolution of cooking techniques and the role it has played in our daily lives.