Is American History a Magazine?

When we think of American History, our minds often go to textbooks, documentaries, or even museums. However, have you ever considered American History as a magazine?

Yes, that’s right – American History is indeed a magazine! Let’s dive into the world of this fascinating publication and explore what it has to offer.

What is American History Magazine?

American History Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that focuses on the history of the United States. It covers a wide range of topics, including political events, social movements, cultural shifts, and more. The magazine was first published in 1967 by Weider History Group and later acquired by the active interest media in 2016.

What Makes American History Magazine Unique?

There are several reasons why American History Magazine stands out from other publications. Firstly, it provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the past that shaped America as we know it today. Secondly, it delivers captivating stories and articles that are well-researched and written by top writers in the industry.

Another unique aspect of American History Magazine is its focus on primary sources. The magazine frequently includes primary sources such as letters, diaries, photographs, and other historical documents that provide readers with an intimate look at the past. This approach gives readers an opportunity to experience history firsthand rather than just reading about it.

What Are Some Popular Features of American History Magazine?

One popular feature in American History Magazine is “The Way We Were” section. This section takes readers back in time and explores how life was like during specific periods of history. For example, one issue covered life during World War II rationing while another explored daily life during the Great Depression.

The magazine also features interviews with historians who provide fresh perspectives on historical events and shed light on lesser-known stories from America’s past. Additionally, each issue includes book reviews that help readers stay up-to-date with the latest historical literature.

Why Should You Read American History Magazine?

Reading American History Magazine is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of America’s history and culture. It provides a comprehensive overview of the past while also exploring lesser-known stories that are often overlooked in textbooks.

Moreover, the magazine’s engaging storytelling style makes it an enjoyable read for history buffs and curious learners alike. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or simply someone who loves history, American History Magazine is worth checking out.


In conclusion, American History Magazine is a must-read publication for anyone interested in America’s rich and complex past. Its unique approach to storytelling and focus on primary sources make it stand out from other magazines. So, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of American history or simply looking for an engaging read, be sure to give American History Magazine a try!