Is American History Tellers Credible?

American History Tellers is a popular podcast series that explores the events, people and stories that shaped America’s history. Hosted by Lindsay Graham, it aims to provide an in-depth understanding of American history through engaging storytelling.

However, the question of its credibility has been raised by some listeners. In this article, we will delve deeper into this question and explore whether American History Tellers is credible.

The Research Process

The research process behind American History Tellers is extensive and thorough. The team behind the podcast spends months researching each topic, gathering information from primary sources such as journals, newspapers, and historical archives. They also interview experts in the field to gain additional insights and perspectives.


Once all the research is complete, the team fact-checks everything to ensure accuracy. This process involves cross-checking sources, verifying dates and names, and ensuring that all information presented in the podcast is backed up by evidence.

Expert Analysis

In addition to fact-checking, American History Tellers incorporates expert analysis into each episode. The team consults with historians and other experts in relevant fields to provide a deeper understanding of the events being discussed.

The Storytelling Style

One of the reasons why American History Tellers has gained a large following is due to its engaging storytelling style. Host Lindsay Graham uses a narrative approach that draws listeners into each episode by creating vivid imagery and relatable characters.


However, some critics have pointed out that this narrative approach may lead to bias or selective storytelling. While it’s true that every story has multiple perspectives, American History Tellers does strive for objectivity by presenting different viewpoints and exploring complex issues.


So, is American History Tellers credible? Based on its extensive research process, fact-checking, and expert analysis, it’s safe to say that the podcast is a reliable source of information.

Additionally, its engaging storytelling style makes it an accessible and enjoyable way to learn about American history. While there may be some concerns about bias, American History Tellers does strive for objectivity and presents multiple perspectives on each topic. Overall, it’s a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about America’s past.

  • Key Takeaways:
  • American History Tellers is a podcast series that explores America’s history through engaging storytelling.
  • The research process behind the podcast is extensive and includes fact-checking and expert analysis.
  • The podcast strives for objectivity but may incorporate bias due to its narrative approach.
  • Overall, American History Tellers is a reliable source of information and an accessible way to learn about America’s past.