Is AP World History Difficult?

Are you considering taking AP World History? Or are you currently enrolled in the course and wondering if it’s as difficult as people say it is? Well, let’s dive into the details and answer the question – Is AP World History Difficult?

What is AP World History?

AP World History is a college-level course that focuses on the history of the world from prehistoric times to present-day. The course is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills, analyze historical events, and understand how different societies interacted with one another throughout history.

Course Structure

The course is divided into six different periods, each focusing on a specific era in world history. These periods are further divided into key concepts that students are expected to master. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics such as political systems, cultural practices, economic systems and much more.

Difficulty Level

Now coming to the question – Is AP World History Difficult? The answer would be yes.

The course requires a lot of dedication and hard work to pass with flying colors. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible or unmanageable.

The difficulty level of AP World History can vary for each student depending on their background knowledge, study habits, and interest in history. Some students may find certain periods or concepts more challenging than others.

Challenges Faced by Students

One of the main challenges faced by students is the sheer amount of content that needs to be covered in a short period. This requires students to manage their time effectively and stay organized throughout the year.

Another challenge is mastering all six historical periods equally well. Some students may find certain periods more interesting than others which can lead to a lack of focus on other areas.

Furthermore, constant essay writing and analysis can be quite challenging for some students who are not used to this type of work.

How to Succeed in AP World History?

To succeed in AP World History, it’s important to have a solid study plan in place. This includes dedicating enough time to study each week, staying organized with notes and assignments, and seeking help when needed.

Additionally, attending class regularly and participating in discussions can help students stay engaged with the material. This can also lead to a better understanding of complex concepts and historical events.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! Consistent essay writing and analysis can improve your writing skills and help you master the course content.


In conclusion, AP World History is a challenging course that requires dedication and hard work. However, with proper planning and effort, it’s definitely achievable. So if you’re interested in history or want to challenge yourself academically, go ahead and take on the challenge of AP World History!