Is Black History Month Celebrated All Over the World?

Black History Month is an annual celebration that takes place in the United States and Canada every February. The month-long observance is dedicated to the achievements and contributions of African Americans and their role in shaping the history and culture of the two countries.

But is Black History Month celebrated all over the world? Let’s explore.

Origins of Black History Month

Before we delve any further, it’s essential to understand how Black History Month came into being. In 1926, a historian named Dr. Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week, which was later expanded to Black History Month in 1976. The purpose of this celebration was to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans, who had been historically excluded from mainstream narratives.

Celebration in the United States

Black History Month is widely celebrated throughout the United States. Schools, universities, museums, and other cultural institutions organize events such as lectures, concerts, and exhibits throughout February to commemorate the occasion. In addition to these events, there are also parades and festivals that take place across various states.

Celebration in Canada

Canada also observes Black History Month every February since 1995. Similar to the United States, Canadian schools and cultural institutions organize events such as workshops, lectures, and film screenings to celebrate black history. Canada’s largest city, Toronto hosts a month-long celebration known as “Black History Month Toronto,” which features numerous events throughout February.

Celebration in other countries

While Black History Month is primarily observed in North America, there has been an increase in global recognition over recent years. Countries such as Jamaica and the United Kingdom have dedicated months for celebrating black history.

In Jamaica, February is also recognized as Black History Month with various celebrations taking place across the island nation. The UK celebrates black history during October with various events organized by schools, museums, and cultural institutions nationwide.


In conclusion, while Black History Month is primarily celebrated in North America, its influence has spread globally over recent years. Countries such as Jamaica and the UK have dedicated months to recognize the contributions and achievements of black people. As we continue to move forward, it’s essential to remember the importance of celebrating black history and its significance in shaping our global culture.