Is Brian From the Life of Brian Jesus?

The Life of Brian is a 1979 British comedy film directed by Terry Jones. The movie tells the story of Brian Cohen, who is mistaken for the messiah and then subsequently crucified. However, there has been a long-standing debate among fans and critics alike about whether or not Brian is meant to be a representation of Jesus Christ.

Similarities between Brian and Jesus

Some of the similarities between Brian and Jesus are quite obvious. For one, both characters were born in Bethlehem, albeit in different times.

Additionally, both men were born to Jewish mothers but had no earthly father figure. Furthermore, both characters were considered outsiders by their respective societies.

The Crucifixion Scene

Perhaps the most significant similarity between Brian and Jesus is the crucifixion scene at the end of the movie. This scene is a clear reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and features several similarities to traditional depictions of that event. For example, in both cases, the condemned man is forced to carry his own cross before being nailed to it.

Controversy Surrounding The Life Of Brian

Despite these similarities, some people have argued that The Life of Brian should not be seen as an attempt to depict Jesus as a comedic character. In fact, when the film was released in 1979, it sparked widespread controversy among religious groups who saw it as blasphemous.

The Director’s Perspective

In interviews conducted after the release of The Life of Brian, Terry Jones has repeatedly stated that he did not intend for his film to be seen as an attack on Christianity or any other religion. Instead, he has explained that his goal was simply to create a funny movie that explored themes related to religion and society.

The Satirical Nature Of The Film

Indeed, one could argue that The Life of Brian is meant to be a satire of organized religion rather than a direct attack on Jesus or Christianity. Throughout the movie, Jones pokes fun at various aspects of religious culture, from the blind devotion of followers to the hypocrisy of religious leaders.


In the end, it’s difficult to say whether or not Brian from The Life of Brian is meant to be a representation of Jesus Christ. While there are certainly similarities between the two characters, it’s possible that these similarities are simply coincidental. However, regardless of whether or not one believes that Brian is meant to be Jesus, it’s clear that The Life of Brian remains an important and thought-provoking film that continues to spark debate and discussion decades after its initial release.