Is Harvard Museum of Natural History Open?

Are you planning a visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History? You may be wondering whether the museum is open or not. We have got you covered with all the latest updates on the museum’s opening status.

Harvard Museum of Natural History: A Brief Overview

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This museum boasts an extensive collection of specimens from various fields such as paleontology, zoology, and mineralogy. The museum also houses a world-renowned collection of glass flowers.

Is The Museum Open?

Yes! Good news for all those who were eagerly waiting to visit this amazing place. The Harvard Museum of Natural History has reopened its doors to visitors after a temporary closure due to COVID-19 restrictions.

New Guidelines and Safety Measures

The museum has implemented a series of new guidelines and safety measures to ensure visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience. Visitors are required to wear masks at all times inside the museum, regardless of vaccination status. Social distancing guidelines are also in place, with capacity limits enforced in certain areas.

Ticketing Information

All tickets must be purchased in advance online through the museum’s website. Tickets are timed-entry, meaning visitors must select a specific date and time for their visit. This helps manage capacity limits and maintain social distancing guidelines.

Museum Hours

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is open from Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


In conclusion, the Harvard Museum of Natural History is open for business! With new safety measures in place, visitors can enjoy this amazing collection with peace of mind knowing that they are safe while doing so.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience one of Cambridge’s most treasured gems. Book your tickets today and have a great time exploring!