Is the Carnegie Natural History Museum Open?

Are you planning a visit to the Carnegie Natural History Museum and wondering if it’s open? Here’s everything you need to know.


The Carnegie Natural History Museum is a world-renowned museum located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and is dedicated to educating visitors on natural history and science.

Current Status

The museum is currently open to the public with limited capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Visitors are required to wear masks throughout their visit and maintain a safe distance from others.

Hours of Operation

The museum is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every day except Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, the museum is closed for general admission but offers special programming for groups.


Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum entrance. It’s recommended that visitors purchase tickets in advance due to limited capacity. Prices vary depending on age and membership status.


The Carnegie Natural History Museum has several permanent exhibits that showcase various aspects of natural history, including:

  • Dinosaurs in Their Time: A collection of dinosaur fossils and interactive exhibits.
  • Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems: A dazzling display of minerals and gems from around the world.
  • Powell Hall: An exhibit dedicated to birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Sable Wing: An exhibit showcasing African wildlife.

In addition to these permanent exhibits, the museum also features temporary exhibits that change throughout the year.


If you’re planning a trip to Pittsburgh, be sure to add the Carnegie Natural History Museum to your itinerary. With its impressive collection of exhibits and commitment to education, it’s a must-see attraction for anyone interested in natural history and science. And with its current safety protocols in place, you can visit with peace of mind knowing that your health is being prioritized.