Is the Natural History Museum Interactive?

Are you planning to visit the Natural History Museum but wondering if it is interactive? The answer is a resounding yes!

From interactive exhibits to hands-on activities, the Natural History Museum offers visitors an engaging and educational experience. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways in which the museum is interactive.

Interactive Exhibits

One of the most prominent ways in which the Natural History Museum is interactive is through its exhibits. The museum boasts a wide range of exhibits that are designed to be engaging and informative for visitors of all ages. These exhibits include:

  • Dinosaurs: The dinosaur exhibit is one of the most popular exhibits at the museum. Visitors can see life-size models of various dinosaurs and learn about their behavior, habitat, and extinction.
  • Butterflies and Insects: This exhibit allows visitors to observe live butterflies and insects up close.

    There are also interactive displays that teach visitors about insect anatomy and behavior.

  • The Human Body: This exhibit explores the human body from head to toe. Visitors can learn about different body systems, such as the respiratory and circulatory systems, through interactive displays.

Hands-On Activities

In addition to its exhibits, the Natural History Museum also offers visitors a variety of hands-on activities. These activities are designed to be both fun and educational for visitors of all ages. Some examples of hands-on activities include:

  • Fossil Dig: Visitors can participate in a simulated fossil dig where they can search for dinosaur bones and other fossils.
  • Animal Encounters: The museum offers animal encounters where visitors can meet live animals up close. These encounters provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about animal behavior and habitat.
  • Science Stations: The Science Stations are interactive displays where visitors can learn about different scientific concepts, such as genetics and geology.


In conclusion, the Natural History Museum is an interactive and engaging destination for visitors of all ages. With its wide range of exhibits and hands-on activities, the museum offers a fun and educational experience that is sure to be memorable. So if you’re looking for a way to spend a day learning and exploring, be sure to visit the Natural History Museum!