Is the Utah Natural History Museum Free?

Are you planning a trip to Utah and wondering if the Natural History Museum is free? Well, the short answer is – it depends! Let’s explore the various factors that determine whether or not you need to pay for admission.


The first thing to consider is which location of the Natural History Museum you plan on visiting. There are two separate locations: one in Salt Lake City and another in Vernal.

Salt Lake City Location

If you plan on visiting the Salt Lake City location of the Utah Natural History Museum, then you will need to pay for admission. The prices vary depending on your age and residency status. For example, adults who are not residents of Utah can expect to pay $17.95 for general admission.

Vernal Location

On the other hand, if you plan on visiting the Vernal location, then you’re in luck – admission is completely free! This location is smaller than the Salt Lake City one but still offers fascinating exhibits on dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.


Another factor to consider is whether or not you have a membership with the museum. Memberships can be purchased for individuals or families and include unlimited access to both locations, as well as discounts on special events and programs.

Pro tip: If you plan on visiting multiple times throughout the year or have a family, investing in a membership may end up saving you money in the long run!

Special Events

Occasionally, there may be special events at either location of the museum that require an additional fee for entry. These events could include things like lectures, workshops, or seasonal exhibits.

Be sure to check their website or call ahead before attending any events to ensure that there are no additional fees.


So, is the Utah Natural History Museum free? It depends on which location you plan on visiting and whether or not you have a membership.

While the Salt Lake City location does require paid admission, the Vernal location offers free entry to all visitors. Regardless of which location you choose, both offer fascinating exhibits and programs that are worth experiencing.