Is the Whale at Natural History Museum Real Size?

Are you planning a visit to the Natural History Museum? If so, you might have heard about the famous blue whale exhibit. But have you ever wondered if the whale at the museum is real size?

The answer is no, it’s not. The blue whale that hangs from the ceiling of the Natural History Museum is a reproduction of a real blue whale that was found in 1926. The original whale was caught off the southern coast of South Georgia and taken to a whaling station where it was processed for meat and oil.

However, even though the exhibit is not an exact replica of a real blue whale, it’s still an impressive sight. The model is 94 feet long and weighs over 21 tons. It’s suspended from the ceiling of Hintze Hall and can be seen from many angles throughout the museum.

But why isn’t it real size? Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, finding a real blue whale that’s intact and preserved enough to display in a museum would be extremely difficult and expensive. Secondly, even if they did find one, it would be almost impossible to transport and suspend such a large specimen.

Despite this, the model at the Natural History Museum still provides visitors with an incredible insight into one of nature’s most amazing creatures. And it’s not just about its size – visitors can also learn about its habitat, diet, behavior, and other interesting facts.

If you’re planning on visiting the museum soon, make sure to add the blue whale exhibit to your list of must-sees. And don’t forget to take advantage of all the other amazing exhibits on display too!


In conclusion, while the blue whale at Natural History Museum may not be real size or an exact replica of a real one; it still remains as one of the most popular exhibits at any museum around the world. The model provides visitors with an awe-inspiring experience and an opportunity to learn more about these majestic creatures that roam our oceans. So, if you’re a fan of marine life or simply looking for something fascinating to do, a visit to the Natural History Museum and its blue whale exhibit is an absolute must-do!