Is There a History of the World Part 2?

The History of the World Part 1

Mel Brooks’ 1981 film “The History of the World Part 1” is a classic comedy that covers major historical events from the dawn of humanity to the French Revolution. It features memorable moments, such as Moses’ delivery of the Ten Commandments, and musical numbers like “The Inquisition.”

The movie was a box office success and has become a beloved cult classic.

The Possibility of a Sequel

Despite its popularity, Brooks has never made a sequel to “The History of the World Part 1.” Fans have long speculated about whether or not there will be a “Part 2” that would cover more recent historical events.

However, Brooks himself has stated that he has no intention of making a sequel.

Brooks explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he felt “Part 1” was comprehensive enough to cover all major historical events up until the French Revolution. He also remarked that making another film would be too daunting: “What am I going to do

Cover everything from then until one movie I don’t know how to do that.”

Other Factors

There are other factors to consider when asking if there will be a “History of the World Part 2.” For example, Mel Brooks is now in his nineties and may not have the energy or desire to make another film.

Additionally, comedy styles have changed since 1981, so it’s unclear how well a sequel would resonate with audiences today.


In conclusion, while fans might wish for another installment in Mel Brooks’ legendary series, it seems unlikely that there will be a “History of the World Part 2.” Brooks has given no indication that he is interested in making another film and the prospect of covering all historical events from the French Revolution to modern times in a single movie seems daunting.

However, fans can still enjoy “Part 1” and its hilarious take on history for years to come.