Is There an American History Channel?

If you’re a history buff, you may be wondering if there’s an American history channel. The short answer is yes, there is!

The History Channel, which launched in 1995, originally focused on historical documentaries and programming. However, over the years, the network has expanded its content to include reality shows and other non-history related programming.

What Is the History Channel?

The History Channel is a cable television network that primarily airs historical documentaries and series. Some of its most popular programs include “Ancient Aliens,” “The Curse of Oak Island,” and “American Pickers.” In addition to its television programming, the History Channel also has a website that features articles, videos, and interactive content related to history.

The History of the History Channel

The History Channel was founded in 1995 by A&E Networks and Hearst Corporation. At its inception, the network primarily aired historical documentaries and series. Some of its earliest programs included “The Real West,” “The Civil War Journal,” and “Mysteries of the Bible.”

Over time, the network began to incorporate more reality shows into its lineup. This shift in focus was met with criticism from some viewers who felt that the network was straying too far from its original mission.

Current Programming

Today, the History Channel airs a mix of historical documentaries and reality shows. Some of its most popular current programs include:

  • “Pawn Stars”
  • “Forged in Fire”
  • “American Pickers”
  • “The Curse of Oak Island”
  • “Ancient Aliens”

While these shows may not be strictly historical in nature, they often incorporate elements of history into their storylines.


As mentioned earlier, the History Channel has faced criticism for its shift away from historical programming. Some viewers feel that the network has become too focused on reality shows and has lost sight of its original mission.

In addition, some historians and scholars have criticized the History Channel for its sensationalized approach to history. Shows like “Ancient Aliens” have been accused of promoting pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

The Bottom Line

So, is there an American history channel? Yes, there is!

While the History Channel may not be exclusively focused on historical programming these days, it still offers a variety of shows and content related to history. Whether you’re interested in documentaries about the American Revolution or reality shows about antique hunting, the History Channel has something for everyone.