Is There an Egyptian Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History?

Are you interested in Egyptian history and artifacts? Are you planning to visit the Museum of Natural History anytime soon?

If so, you might be wondering if there is an Egyptian exhibit in the museum. The answer is yes! The Museum of Natural History has a fascinating exhibit dedicated to ancient Egypt.

Discovering Ancient Egypt

The exhibit is called “Discovering Ancient Egypt,” and it takes visitors on a journey through time to explore the rich history and culture of Egypt. From the Nile River to the Pyramids, this exhibit offers a unique opportunity to learn about one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The Artifacts

One of the highlights of this exhibit is its collection of authentic artifacts from ancient Egypt. Visitors can see mummies, sarcophagi, hieroglyphics, and other ancient treasures up close. These artifacts provide a glimpse into daily life in ancient Egypt and offer insights into their religious beliefs, customs, and practices.


The mummies on display are particularly fascinating because they are over 3,000 years old! Visitors can see how they were prepared for burial and learn about the rituals associated with death in ancient Egyptian culture.


The sarcophagi are also impressive because they were used to protect the bodies of important individuals like pharaohs or nobles. Many sarcophagi are decorated with colorful paintings and hieroglyphics that tell stories about their owners.

The Interactive Exhibits

In addition to viewing artifacts, visitors can also interact with exhibits that showcase various aspects of ancient Egyptian life. For example, there is an interactive display that allows visitors to build their own pyramid or try writing their name in hieroglyphics.

The Nile River

Another interactive exhibit focuses on the Nile River, which was essential to life in ancient Egypt. Visitors can explore the river’s ecosystem and learn about the plants and animals that live in and around it.

The Pyramids

The exhibit also features a life-size replica of a pyramid that visitors can explore. Inside, visitors can see how the pyramids were constructed and learn about the pharaohs who were buried inside.


In conclusion, if you are interested in ancient Egyptian history and culture, you should definitely visit the Museum of Natural History’s “Discovering Ancient Egypt” exhibit. With authentic artifacts, interactive exhibits, and stunning visuals, this exhibit is sure to captivate visitors of all ages.

So why wait? Plan your visit today!