Is There Going to Be a History of the World Part 2?

This question has been on the minds of many movie lovers since the release of Mel Brooks’ iconic film, “History of the World: Part I” in 1981.

The film was a satirical take on various historical events, from the Stone Age to the French Revolution. It had an all-star cast and was met with critical acclaim, but fans have been waiting for a sequel ever since.

Why fans want a sequel

The original film left viewers wanting more as it only covered a small fraction of world history. Fans are eager to see what other historical events Mel Brooks can parody in his unique way. Moreover, there is still so much of history left unexplored by Hollywood.

What do we know about History of the World Part 2

Despite rumors circulating over the years about a possible sequel, there has been no official word from Mel Brooks or any studio about History of the World Part II being in production.

In an interview with USA Today in 2018, Brooks said that he would love to make a sequel. He stated that he had some ideas for it but was not sure if it would ever happen. However, he did mention that if it were to happen, it would be called “History of the World: Part II – The Jews.”

The Controversy

One reason why History of the World Part 2 may not come to fruition is due to potential controversies surrounding its content. The original film was criticized for its depiction of certain groups and events such as Native Americans and the Spanish Inquisition.

In today’s social climate, it may be difficult for Mel Brooks or any studio to justify making a film that could potentially offend certain groups or individuals.

The Bottom Line

While fans eagerly await news on whether or not there will be a History of the World Part 2, it remains uncertain if it will ever happen. The potential controversies surrounding the film’s content may make it difficult for any studio to produce it.

However, with Mel Brooks’ humor and wit, there is no doubt that a sequel would be just as entertaining as the original. Only time will tell if History of the World Part 2 will ever come to fruition, but until then, fans can continue to enjoy and appreciate the first film’s unique take on history.

  • Pros:
  • Fans get more of Mel Brooks’ humor
  • Covers unexplored historical events
  • Cons:
  • Potential controversies surrounding content
  • No official word on production

Let’s hope that someday we get to see “History of the World: Part II – The Jews” on the big screen!