Is World Geography a History Class?

World geography and history are two distinct subjects, yet they are closely related. Geography is the study of the earth’s physical features, climate, and resources, while history is the study of past events that have shaped human civilization.

As such, it can be argued that world geography is indeed a history class. In this article, we will explore this argument in detail.

Geography as a History Class

Geography can be seen as a history class because it helps us understand how humans have interacted with their environment over time. For example, studying the physical features of an area can give us insight into why certain civilizations developed there.

The Nile River Valley in Egypt is an excellent example of this. The fertile land along the Nile allowed for agriculture to thrive, which led to the development of ancient Egyptian civilization.

How Geography Shapes History

Geography has played a critical role in shaping human history. Physical barriers such as mountains and oceans have made it difficult for people to interact with one another, leading to the development of distinct cultures and societies. For instance, China’s isolation from other civilizations due to its natural borders allowed for the creation of a unique culture that persisted for thousands of years.

In addition to physical barriers, natural resources have also influenced human history. The discovery of oil in the Middle East transformed the region economically and politically. The abundance of iron ore in Scandinavia allowed Viking societies to develop advanced weaponry and tools.

Modern Applications

Today, understanding world geography is more important than ever before. With globalization connecting people from all corners of the world, it’s crucial to understand how different cultures and societies interact with one another.

Furthermore, climate change has become a pressing issue that requires a deep understanding of geography. Rising sea levels threaten coastal cities around the world, while droughts in certain regions could lead to food shortages.


In conclusion, world geography can be seen as a history class because it helps us understand how human civilization has developed over time. By studying physical features, natural resources, and cultural interactions, we gain valuable insights into the past and present state of the world. As such, world geography is an essential subject that should not be overlooked.