Is World History Worth Taking?

As students progress through their academic careers, they are often faced with the decision of which courses to take. While some may be required for graduation, others are electives that allow for more flexibility in a student’s schedule.

One such elective is world history. But is it worth taking? Let’s explore.

Why Study World History?

World history is a broad subject that covers a vast range of topics from different cultures and time periods. Studying world history allows students to gain a better understanding of the world as it is today by learning about its past. It also provides insight into how various societies evolved and how they interacted with one another.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Studying world history can help develop critical thinking skills by requiring students to analyze and interpret events from the past. It challenges students to think beyond what they see on the surface and encourages them to consider multiple perspectives.

  • Example: When studying the French Revolution, students may analyze the causes of the revolution, the impact it had on France and Europe as a whole, and evaluate whether or not it was successful.

Broaden Cultural Understanding

In addition to developing critical thinking skills, studying world history can broaden cultural understanding. By learning about different cultures and their histories, students can gain an appreciation for diversity and tolerance.

  • Example: Students who study World War II can learn about the Holocaust and its impact on Jewish culture. They may also learn about Japanese internment camps in America during this time period.

Increase Awareness of Global Issues

Studying world history can also increase awareness of global issues that continue to affect us today. By examining past events, students can gain insight into current events and their potential impact on the world.

  • Example: Studying the Cold War can provide insight into current tensions between countries such as the United States and Russia.


In conclusion, studying world history is worth taking. It provides students with an understanding of the world’s past, develops critical thinking skills, broadens cultural understanding, and increases awareness of global issues. So next time you’re choosing your electives, consider adding world history to your course load.