Was Malta Part of Ancient Greece?

Malta, a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, has a rich history dating back several millennia. One question that often arises among history enthusiasts is whether Malta was part of ancient Greece. Let’s dive into the topic to understand the connection between Malta and ancient Greece.

Geographical Proximity

The first thing to consider is the geographical proximity between Malta and Greece. Although Malta is not located directly adjacent to Greece, it is situated in close proximity to other regions that were part of ancient Greece, such as Sicily and Southern Italy. This geographical proximity made it possible for cultural exchange and interaction between Malta and ancient Greece.

The Phoenician Connection

Before we delve deeper into Malta’s relationship with ancient Greece, it’s important to note that the island was initially inhabited by the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were a seafaring people who originated from modern-day Lebanon and were known for their trading prowess. They established colonies across the Mediterranean, including in Malta.

The Greek Influence on Malta

While the Phoenicians were the first people to settle in Malta, there is evidence of Greek influence on the island as well. For example, Greek pottery has been found on Maltese shores, indicating that there was trade or interaction between Greeks and Maltese people.

Moreover, during ancient times, Greek civilization thrived in regions surrounding Malta. Greek colonies existed on Sicily and Southern Italy, which are located close to Malta. It’s plausible that some of this Greek influence may have made its way onto Maltese soil over time.


In conclusion, while there isn’t definitive proof to suggest that Malta was part of ancient Greece at any point in history, there is evidence of cultural exchange between Greeks and Maltese people. The geographical proximity between these two regions likely played a significant role in fostering this cultural exchange. Today, Malta remains a unique blend of various cultures and civilizations, each leaving their mark on Maltese history and heritage.