Were Condoms Used in Ancient Times?

Condoms are widely used today as a form of contraception and to prevent sexually transmitted infections. But have you ever wondered if condoms were used in ancient times? The answer may surprise you.

Ancient Contraception Methods
In ancient times, people used various methods to prevent pregnancy. Some of these methods included the use of herbs, such as Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrot, which was believed to act as a contraceptive. Others used the withdrawal method or practiced abstinence.

However, there is some evidence that suggests that condoms may have been used in ancient civilizations as well.

Ancient Egyptian Condoms?

The first recorded use of a condom-like device dates back to ancient Egypt. In 1350 BC, Egyptian hieroglyphics depicted men wearing what appears to be a sheath over their penises during sexual intercourse. These sheaths were made from animal bladders or intestines and were likely used to prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections.

The Roman Empire

The ancient Romans also had their own form of condoms. They called them “gladiator’s strips” and they were made from the cecum of goats or other animals. These strips were tied around the penis before sexual intercourse and were believed to protect against disease.

Japan’s “Kabutogata”

In Japan during the 16th century, men used a device called the “kabutogata” which means “helmet-shaped.” This device was made from leather and was worn over the head of the penis during sexual intercourse.

18th-Century Europe

Condoms as we know them today were first developed in 18th-century Europe. They were made from animal intestines or bladder and were often reused after being washed and dried. It wasn’t until later that condoms were made from rubber, which was more durable and effective.


In conclusion, while the use of condoms may not have been as widespread in ancient times as it is today, there is evidence to suggest that they were used in various civilizations for both contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections. As time passed, condoms have evolved to become a more effective and widely-used method of contraception.