Were There Dogs in Ancient Greece?

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. Their loyalty and affectionate nature have made them a favorite among pet lovers.

But, were there dogs in ancient Greece? Let’s find out!

History of Dogs in Ancient Greece

Dogs were a common sight in ancient Greek society. They were kept as pets, used for hunting, and even trained for war. The Greeks believed that dogs had healing powers and were often used to treat illnesses.

Types of Dogs in Ancient Greece

There were several types of dogs in ancient Greece, each with its unique characteristics. The Molossus was a large dog breed that was used for hunting and guarding. The Laconian was another breed that was known for its speed and agility.

Dogs in Mythology

Dogs also played an essential role in Greek mythology. The three-headed dog Cerberus guarded the gates of the underworld, while Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, was often depicted with hunting dogs by her side.

Depictions of Dogs in Art

Art played a significant role in ancient Greek culture, and dogs were often depicted in various forms of art. Vases and pottery from this era frequently featured images of dogs hunting or guarding their owners’ homes.

The Role of Dogs Today

Today, dogs continue to be an integral part of society. They are still used for hunting and as protectors but are primarily kept as beloved pets.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that dogs played an important role in ancient Greek society. Whether it was as loyal companions or skilled hunters and warriors, they were valued members of the community. And even today, their impact on our lives remains just as significant.