What 3 Types of People Lived in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a civilization that thrived from the 8th century BCE to the 6th century CE. During this time, there were three main types of people who lived in Ancient Greece. These were the citizens, slaves, and foreigners.

Citizens were the most important group of people in Ancient Greece. They enjoyed a wide range of privileges and rights that others did not have. Only men who were born in Greece and whose parents were citizens could be considered citizens themselves.

As citizens, they had the right to vote, own property, participate in government and hold public office. They also had to serve in the army when called upon.


The Different Types of Citizens

There were two types of citizens: freeborn citizens and naturalized citizens. Freeborn citizens were those who were born to citizen parents while naturalized citizens were those who gained citizenship through other means such as marriage or military service.

The Responsibilities of Citizens

Citizens had certain responsibilities such as paying taxes, obeying laws, defending their city-state during times of war and participating in religious festivals.

Slaves made up a significant portion of the population in Ancient Greece. They were considered property and had no rights or privileges.

They could be bought and sold at will by their owners who could also mistreat them without consequence. Slaves performed various tasks such as manual labor, domestic work or serving as personal attendants to their masters.


The Different Types of Slaves

There were different types of slaves such as household slaves who worked inside homes doing domestic chores like cooking and cleaning while others worked outside doing manual labor like farming or mining.

The Life of Slaves

Slaves lived a difficult life with no freedom or autonomy. They were often mistreated or abused by their owners and had no legal recourse.

Foreigners were people who were not citizens of Ancient Greece. They were either visitors or permanent residents who had come from other parts of the world.

They did not have any rights or privileges and were often looked down upon by citizens. Foreigners could not own property, participate in government, or hold public office.


The Different Types of Foreigners

There were two types of foreigners: resident aliens and non-resident aliens. Resident aliens lived in Ancient Greece permanently while non-resident aliens were just visiting.

The Life of Foreigners

Foreigners were often subjected to discrimination and prejudice from citizens. They had to pay higher taxes than citizens and could be expelled from the city-state at any time without warning.

In conclusion, Ancient Greece was a society that was divided into three main groups: citizens, slaves, and foreigners. Each group had its own unique characteristics and experiences that shaped their lives during this time period. It is important to understand the different types of people who lived in Ancient Greece as it gives us insight into the social dynamics and culture of this fascinating civilization.