What Ancient Civilization Lived in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is a city in Mexico that is rich in history and culture. It has been inhabited by various civilizations throughout the centuries, but one ancient civilization stands out – the Teuchitlán culture. This civilization existed from approximately 200 BCE to 350 CE and left behind fascinating architectural and cultural artifacts.

The Teuchitlán Culture

The Teuchitlán culture was a pre-Columbian civilization that lived in what is now known as Jalisco, Mexico. They were skilled farmers and traders who built impressive structures using advanced engineering techniques. Their most famous architectural achievement was the Guachimontones – circular stepped pyramids that are unique to this region.

The Guachimontones

The Guachimontones are circular stepped pyramids with a central pole or altar at the top. They were used for religious ceremonies and rituals by the Teuchitlán people.

The largest pyramid, located in the town of Teuchitlán, has six levels and a diameter of about 60 meters. Each level has a different purpose and meaning, with the top level being reserved for important ceremonies.


In addition to their impressive architecture, the Teuchitlán culture left behind many fascinating cultural artifacts that give insight into their way of life. These include pottery, stone carvings, and jewelry made from precious metals like gold and silver.


Teuchitlán pottery is known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors. The pottery was made using a technique called burnishing – smoothing the surface of wet clay by rubbing it with a smooth stone or other object before firing it.

Stone Carvings

The Teuchitlán people were skilled at carving stone into intricate designs depicting animals, people, and other symbols important to their culture. Some of the most famous stone carvings include the Atlantes – large stone figures that appear to be supporting the temple at the top of the Guachimontones.


Teuchitlán jewelry was made from precious metals like gold and silver and was often decorated with intricate designs and gemstones. Some of the most impressive examples include necklaces and bracelets that were worn by important members of society.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the Teuchitlán culture was a fascinating ancient civilization that lived in Guadalajara, Mexico. They were skilled farmers, traders, and engineers who left behind impressive architectural and cultural artifacts.

The Guachimontones are a unique architectural achievement that still stands today, while their pottery, stone carvings, and jewelry provide insight into their way of life. Learning about this amazing civilization is a great way to appreciate Mexico’s rich history and culture.