What Animals Were Used in Ancient Times?

Throughout history, humans have used animals for a variety of purposes. In ancient times, animals played a crucial role in the daily lives of people. They were used for transportation, food, clothing, and even as symbols of power and wealth.

Domesticated Animals

One of the most common uses of animals in ancient times was for domestication. Animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and camels were domesticated for their meat, milk, wool, and labor. These animals were also used as transportation to carry goods or people from one place to another.


Cattle were one of the most important domesticated animals in ancient times. They provided meat, milk, and leather. Cattle were also used as draft animals to plow fields and transport goods.

Sheep and Goats

Sheep and goats were domesticated for their wool and meat. They were also used to clear fields by grazing on vegetation.


Horses were primarily used for transportation in ancient times. They were ridden by soldiers in battle or by messengers delivering important messages.

Wild Animals

In addition to domesticated animals, wild animals played a significant role in ancient times as well. People hunted wild animals for their meat and fur and also kept them as pets or symbols of power.


Lions were often kept as symbols of power by rulers in ancient times. They represented strength and courage.


Bears were hunted for their fur and meat but were also kept as pets by some wealthy families.


Falconry was a popular sport among the wealthy in ancient times. Falcons were trained to hunt smaller birds such as quail or pheasants.


Animals played a significant role in the daily lives of people in ancient times. They were used for food, transportation, clothing, and even as symbols of power.

From domesticated animals such as cattle and horses to wild animals like lions and bears, each animal served a unique purpose in society. Today, we still rely on animals for many purposes but have developed more ethical practices for their use.