What Are 3 Items That Were Traded in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a hub of trade and commerce. The Greeks traded a wide variety of items, ranging from luxury goods to everyday necessities. Let’s take a look at three items that were commonly traded in ancient Greece.

Luxury Goods

Luxury goods were highly sought after in ancient Greece and were often traded for other valuable commodities. These included expensive fabrics such as silk and fine linen, precious metals like gold and silver, and exotic spices like cinnamon and pepper.

One of the most popular luxury goods in ancient Greece was perfume. The Greeks believed that sweet-smelling perfumes had magical properties, which is why they were used in religious ceremonies and as offerings to the gods. Perfumes were also used by wealthy citizens as a way to display their wealth and status.


Slavery was an integral part of ancient Greek society, and slaves were considered to be valuable commodities. Slaves were usually captured during wars or purchased from slave traders who traveled from other parts of the world.

Slaves performed a wide range of tasks in ancient Greece, from domestic chores to working in mines or on farms. Wealthy citizens often owned large numbers of slaves, which allowed them to live lives of leisure while their slaves did all the work.


Food was another essential item that was commonly traded in ancient Greece. The Greeks relied heavily on agriculture for their food supply, but some items like wine, olive oil, and honey had to be imported.

Wine was particularly important in ancient Greece because it was used both for drinking and as a trading commodity. Greek wine was considered to be some of the best in the world, so it was highly sought after by other nations.

In conclusion, these three items – luxury goods like perfume, slaves for labor purposes, and food such as wine – played an important role in the economy of Ancient Greece. The trading of these items was essential to the growth and development of Greek society and its culture.