What Are Ancient Greece Houses Called?

Ancient Greece is known for its rich history, art, and architecture. One aspect of Ancient Greek culture that many people find fascinating is their housing.

So, what are Ancient Greece houses called? Let’s explore this topic in detail.

The Types of Houses in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, there were two main types of houses – the city houses and the country houses. City houses were typically located in cities or towns and were often multi-story buildings made of stone or clay bricks. Country houses, on the other hand, were located in rural areas and were usually made of mud bricks or wood.

City Houses

City houses in Ancient Greece were typically built around a central courtyard that was surrounded by rooms. These rooms included a kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. The courtyard was used as a place to socialize and a source of natural light for the rooms around it.

The most important room in a city house was the Andron, which was reserved for male guests. It was usually located near the entrance of the house and was decorated with beautiful art and furniture.

Country Houses

Country houses in Ancient Greece were much simpler than their city counterparts. They typically consisted of one large room that served as both a living space and sleeping quarters for the entire family. There was also a small kitchen area where food could be prepared.

Unlike city houses, country houses did not have running water or indoor plumbing. Instead, families had to get their water from nearby wells or streams and use outdoor latrines.

Ancient Greek Housing Features

Regardless of whether they were city or country homes, Ancient Greek houses shared several common features:

  • Roofs: Most Ancient Greek homes had flat roofs made out of mud bricks.
  • Walls: Walls were typically made of mud bricks or stone.
  • Windows: Windows were small and often placed high up on walls to let in light but provide privacy.
  • Doors: Doors were typically made of wood and had a simple design.
  • Floors: Floors were often made of packed dirt or stone.

The Importance of Ancient Greek Housing

Ancient Greek housing played an important role in their society. It was a reflection of their social status, with the wealthiest families living in the grandest homes. Additionally, Ancient Greek housing was designed to promote social interaction, with the central courtyard in city houses serving as a gathering place for family and friends.

Overall, Ancient Greek housing was an essential part of their culture and remains an important piece of history today. By understanding what Ancient Greece houses are called and how they were built, we can gain insight into their way of life and appreciate their contributions to architecture and design.