What Are Some Ancient Greece Names?

Ancient Greece was a civilization that flourished in the Mediterranean region from the 8th century BC to the 6th century AD. The Greeks were known for their rich culture, art, philosophy, and mythology.

One aspect of their culture that continues to fascinate people today is their unique names. Here are some popular Ancient Greece names and their meanings:

Male Names

  • Achilles: This name means “pain” or “lipless.” It was the name of the famous warrior in Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad.
  • Alexander: Derived from the Greek word Alexandros, this name means “defender of the people.” It was a popular name among Macedonian kings.
  • Hercules: This name means “glory of Hera.”

    In Greek mythology, Hercules was a hero known for his incredible strength and bravery.

  • Odysseus: This name means “wrathful” or “full of wrath.” It was the name of the hero in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey.
  • Socrates: This name means “power of the spear.” Socrates was a famous philosopher known for his wisdom and teachings.

Female Names

  • Athena: Derived from the Greek word Athene, this name means “wisdom” or “warrior maiden.” Athena was the goddess of wisdom and warfare in Greek mythology.
  • Cassandra: This name means “shining upon man.” Cassandra was a princess in Greek mythology who was given the gift of prophecy but cursed with never being believed.
  • Helen: This name means “bright” or “shining.”

    Helen was the most beautiful woman in Greece and her abduction by Paris led to the Trojan War.

  • Persephone: This name means “she who destroys the light.” Persephone was the goddess of the underworld and daughter of Demeter.
  • Sappho: This name means “wise.” Sappho was a famous poet from Lesbos known for her lyrical poetry and love poems.


Ancient Greece names have a rich history and meaning behind them. From the heroic names of Achilles and Hercules to the wise names of Athena and Socrates, these names continue to inspire us today.

Whether you’re looking for a unique name for your child or just interested in Greek culture, these names are worth exploring further.