What Are Some Instruments Used in Ancient Times?

In ancient times, people used various instruments to create music and express themselves. These instruments were often made from natural materials such as wood, animal skins, bones, and stones.

Today, we can still see some of these ancient instruments in museums and historical sites around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating ones.

Ancient Flutes

Flutes have been around for thousands of years and were used by many ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. One of the oldest flutes ever found dates back to 43,000 years ago in Germany. This flute was made from a bird’s bone and had five finger holes.

Ancient Harps

Harps are another ancient instrument that has been used for centuries by many different cultures such as the Egyptians and the Irish. The harp was often associated with royalty and was played at important events like weddings and funerals.

Ancient Drums

Drums were also popular in ancient times and were used for communication as well as entertainment. The African djembe drum is one of the oldest drums in the world and has been played for over 700 years.

Stringed Instruments

Stringed instruments like lyres, lutes, and zithers were also popular in ancient times. The lyre was often played by the Greeks during religious ceremonies while the zither was popular among Chinese musicians.

Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments like cymbals, bells, and gongs have been used in many cultures to mark important events or celebrate festivals. The Chinese use gongs during funerals while Indian musicians play tabla drums during weddings.


In conclusion, there are many fascinating ancient instruments that have survived over time. From flutes to harps to drums, each instrument has its unique history and cultural significance. While many of these instruments are no longer in use today, they continue to inspire modern musicians and remind us of the rich musical heritage of our ancestors.