What Are Some of the Important Contributions of the Aztec Empire to World History?

The Aztec Empire was one of the most fascinating civilizations to have ever existed. It was a Mesoamerican empire that flourished between the 14th and 16th centuries.

The Aztecs were known for their advanced agricultural practices, their astronomical knowledge, and their well-organized political system. In this article, we will discuss some of the important contributions of the Aztec Empire to world history.

1. Agriculture

The Aztecs were experts in agriculture.

They developed a unique system known as chinampas, which involved creating small artificial islands on lake beds and then using them for farming. This allowed them to grow crops in areas where it would have been impossible to do so otherwise. They also developed advanced irrigation systems that helped them to cultivate large quantities of crops.

2. Astronomy

The Aztecs were skilled astronomers who had an impressive understanding of celestial bodies and their movements. They used this knowledge to develop a complex calendar system that was more accurate than any other calendar system at the time.

3. Architecture

The architecture of the Aztec Empire was also quite impressive.

They built many grand structures, including temples, palaces, and pyramids. One of their most famous structures is the Templo Mayor, which was a large pyramid dedicated to two gods – Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc.

4. Art

The Aztecs were also renowned for their art and craftsmanship. They created intricate sculptures, pottery, and jewelry using materials such as gold, silver, jade, and turquoise.

5. Education

Education was highly valued in the Aztec Empire.

Children were taught by priests or nobles who had received extensive training themselves. The curriculum included subjects such as history, religion, astronomy, and agriculture.

6. Human Sacrifice

While human sacrifice is not typically seen as a positive contribution, it was an integral part of the Aztec religion and culture.

It was believed that sacrificing humans to the gods would ensure good harvests and other blessings. While this practice is now condemned, it is important to acknowledge its significance in Aztec history.


The Aztec Empire made many important contributions to world history. From their advanced agricultural practices to their impressive astronomy knowledge, they left a lasting impact on the world. While they may no longer exist as a civilization, their legacy lives on through their art, architecture, and other cultural achievements.