What Are Some of the Male Hairstyles During Ancient Times?

Hairstyles have been an essential part of our identity since ancient times. They reflect our culture, personality, and status.

Men’s hairstyles have evolved over time and vary from culture to culture. In this article, we will explore some of the male hairstyles during ancient times.

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles

Ancient Egyptians were known for their unique hairstyles that were adorned with various accessories. Men often wore wigs made of human hair or vegetable fibers.

The most popular style was the clean-shaven head, which was a symbol of youth and purity. However, some men also wore long hair that was braided and adorned with gold or silver ornaments.

Greek Hairstyles

Ancient Greeks were also known for their distinct hairstyles. Men typically had short hair that was neatly trimmed.

The most popular style was the “helmet” hairstyle, where the hair was cut short and styled in a way that resembled a helmet. Another popular style was the “fringe” hairstyle, where the hair was cut short at the front and left longer at the back.

Roman Hairstyles

Ancient Romans were known for their elaborate hairstyles that often required hours of grooming each day. Men typically wore short hair that was styled with various oils and pomades to give it a shiny appearance. The most popular style was the “Caesar” hairstyle, where the hair was cut short all around and combed forward to form a fringe.

Viking Hairstyles

Vikings were known for their rugged appearance, which included long hair and beards. Men typically grew their hair long and tied it back into a ponytail or braid. Some men also shaved their heads except for a single strip of long hair at the back called a “mohawk.”


In conclusion, men’s hairstyles have evolved over time, reflecting the culture and fashion of the era. From the clean-shaven head of Ancient Egyptians to the long hair and beards of Vikings, these hairstyles have become a part of our history and identity. Today, we see a mix of these ancient hairstyles in modern-day fashion, proving that they have stood the test of time.