What Are Some of the Things That Peter Did After Jesus Resurrection?

After the resurrection of Jesus, his disciples were left with a mix of emotions ranging from confusion to excitement. They were unsure of what to do next, but Peter, being the leader among them, took charge and started to make some important decisions.

Firstly, Peter visited the tomb where Jesus had been buried and found it empty. This was a sign that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead and was alive. This experience left Peter feeling both amazed and overjoyed.

Meeting with Jesus: Shortly after this discovery, Peter and some of the other disciples saw Jesus in person. This meeting was a turning point for Peter as he was able to reconcile with Jesus after denying him three times before his crucifixion. This encounter gave Peter a sense of closure and renewed his faith in Jesus.

Preaching the Gospel:

Speaking in Public: After meeting with Jesus, Peter became more confident in his faith and began preaching the gospel to others. He spoke publicly about his experiences with Jesus and encouraged others to believe in him as well.

Miracles: Alongside preaching, Peter also performed many miracles that drew people closer to him. In one instance, he healed a man who had been lame from birth (Acts 3:1-10), which led many people to believe in Jesus.

Leading the Church:

The First Church: As one of the key leaders among the disciples, Peter played an instrumental role in establishing the first church. He worked alongside other apostles such as James and John to create an organized community based on Christian principles.

Councils: As the church grew larger over time, there were many challenges that arose which required careful consideration by its leaders. Peter played an active role in various councils where decisions were made regarding important matters such as circumcision (Acts 15:1-35).


After the resurrection of Jesus, Peter was transformed from a timid disciple to a bold leader who fearlessly preached the gospel and led the early Christian church. His actions serve as an inspiration to believers around the world and his legacy continues to impact the church today.