What Are Some Toys From Ancient Greece?

Toys have been around for centuries and the ancient Greeks were no exception when it came to playtime. They created a variety of toys that were both entertaining and educational. Let’s take a look at some of the toys that children in ancient Greece played with.

Toy Chariots

One popular toy was the chariot. These miniature chariots were made of wood and were often pulled by horses made from lead or bronze. The chariots themselves were intricately decorated with designs ranging from simple to ornate.


Dolls were also common toys in ancient Greece. They were made out of a variety of materials, including clay, wax, and wood. Some dolls had moveable arms and legs while others had hair made out of wool or human hair.


Tesserae were small pieces of stone or glass that could be used to create mosaics. Children would use these tesserae to create designs on floors or walls.


Knucklebones, also known as astragali, were small bones from sheep or goats that had been smoothed down and polished. Children would toss these bones like dice and try to pick them up in various ways.

Hoop and Stick

The hoop and stick game was another popular toy in ancient Greece. Children would roll a wooden hoop along the ground using a stick to keep it moving.

Board Games

Board games such as petteia (similar to checkers) and tawlbwrdd (similar to backgammon) were also played by children in ancient Greece.

In conclusion, children in ancient Greece had a variety of toys to play with that ranged from dolls to board games. These toys not only provided entertainment but also helped children develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. It’s fascinating to see how toys have evolved over time but the joy of play remains the same.