What Are the 3 Farewell Discourses in the Life of Jesus?

In the last days of his life, Jesus addressed his disciples with three farewell discourses. These speeches are recorded in the Gospel of John and are considered to be some of the most profound teachings of Jesus. Let’s take a closer look at each of these discourses.

The First Discourse: John 13:31-14:31

The first discourse takes place after the Last Supper and is commonly known as the “Upper Room Discourse.” In this discourse, Jesus speaks about his impending death, reassuring his disciples that he will go to prepare a place for them in heaven. He also introduces the concept of the Holy Spirit, who will come to guide and comfort them after he is gone.

This discourse is characterized by Jesus’ emphasis on love and unity among his followers. He tells them to love one another as he has loved them and teaches them that their love for each other will be a witness to the world.

The Second Discourse: John 15:1-17

The second discourse takes place immediately after the first and is known as the “Vine and Branches” discourse. In this speech, Jesus uses an analogy of a vine and its branches to illustrate the importance of remaining connected to him in order to bear fruit.

Jesus tells his disciples that they must abide in him if they want to bear fruit and warns them against becoming disconnected from him. He also reminds them of their mission to go out into the world and bear witness to him.

The Third Discourse: John 16:5-33

The third and final discourse takes place just before Jesus’ arrest in Gethsemane. In this speech, Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure, telling them that he will soon be leaving but promising that he will send them the Holy Spirit.

He warns them that they will face persecution in this world but encourages them to take heart, for he has overcome the world. This discourse is marked by Jesus’ emphasis on the importance of prayer and his promise to be with his followers always.


The three farewell discourses in the life of Jesus are powerful teachings that provide insight into his character and mission. Through these speeches, Jesus reassures his disciples of his love for them and prepares them for the challenges they will face after he is gone.

By using analogies, parables, and powerful imagery, Jesus emphasizes the importance of remaining connected to him and abiding in his love. These discourses continue to inspire Christians today and serve as a reminder of Jesus’ enduring presence in our lives.