What Are the Inventions During Ancient Times?

Throughout history, humans have always been innovators. From the earliest days of civilization, people have developed new technologies and inventions that have changed the course of history.

Ancient times were no different, with many remarkable innovations that still affect our lives today. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important inventions during ancient times.

The Wheel

One of the most important inventions in human history is the wheel. It’s believed that the wheel was first invented in ancient Mesopotamia around 3500 BCE. The wheel allowed people to transport goods and materials more efficiently, which in turn helped to promote trade and commerce.

The Plow

Another important invention that originated in ancient Mesopotamia is the plow. The plow was used for tilling soil and preparing fields for planting crops. The use of the plow helped to increase food production and allowed societies to grow larger.

The Writing System

The development of a writing system was a major breakthrough for ancient civilizations. Writing systems allowed people to record their history, laws, and customs on papyrus or clay tablets. Ancient Egypt is famous for its hieroglyphics system, while cuneiform script was used by Mesopotamians.

The Printing Press

The printing press was an invention during ancient China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE). It revolutionized bookmaking by allowing books to be mass-produced quickly and inexpensively. This invention helped spread knowledge across China and beyond.


Gunpowder is another significant invention from ancient China during the Tang Dynasty (9th century CE). Its discovery led to advancements in warfare technology such as cannons, guns, and rockets.

The Calendar

Calendars are an essential tool for organizing time and tracking important events like harvests or religious holidays. Ancient civilizations developed several types of calendars, such as the Egyptian calendar, which had 365 days and was divided into 12 months.


In conclusion, ancient times were a period of significant innovation and discovery. From the wheel to gunpowder, these inventions have had a profound impact on human history.

Even today, we continue to benefit from the technologies and ideas developed by our ancestors. It’s important to remember and appreciate the contributions of these ancient inventors who paved the way for modern civilization.