What Are the Livelihood of Jesus Disciples When Jesus Meet Them?

When Jesus first met his disciples, they were mostly fishermen and tax collectors who led ordinary lives. However, their lives were forever changed when Jesus called them to follow him and become his disciples. Let’s take a deeper look at the livelihood of Jesus’ disciples before and after they met him.

Before Meeting Jesus

Prior to meeting Jesus, Peter, Andrew, James, and John were fishermen who made their living by catching fish in the Sea of Galilee. Matthew was a tax collector for the Roman Empire who collected taxes from his fellow Jews. The other disciples were also likely involved in various trades such as carpentry or farming.

Despite their different backgrounds, these men shared a common desire to seek something greater than their current way of life. They were looking for purpose and meaning beyond their daily routine.

Meeting Jesus

When Jesus came into their lives, he offered them a new way of living that was centered on God’s love and grace. He invited them to become his disciples and promised to teach them how to fish for people instead of fish (Matthew 4:19).

The disciples were drawn to Jesus’ teachings and miracles, which revealed his divine power and authority. They witnessed him heal the sick, feed the hungry, cast out demons, and even raise the dead back to life.

Jesus also challenged them to leave behind their old ways of thinking and living. He called them to repentance and faith in God’s kingdom. As they followed him, they learned from his example how to love God with all their hearts and love others as themselves.

After Meeting Jesus

The lives of the disciples were forever changed by their encounter with Jesus. They left behind their old careers and lifestyles in order to follow him full-time as apostles (Mark 1:16-20). Their focus shifted from worldly pursuits to eternal ones.

They continued to witness Jesus’ teachings and miracles, which strengthened their faith and deepened their understanding of who he was. They also faced opposition and persecution from religious leaders who opposed Jesus’ message.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples became bold witnesses of the gospel. They traveled throughout the Roman Empire, sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Many of them suffered martyrdom for their faith, but their legacy continues to impact the world today.


In conclusion, the livelihood of Jesus’ disciples before and after meeting him were vastly different. They went from being ordinary fishermen and tax collectors to becoming faithful apostles who followed Jesus to the end. Their lives were transformed by his love and grace, and they dedicated themselves to sharing his message with others.

As we reflect on their example, may we also be inspired to follow Jesus with all our hearts and live our lives for his glory.