What Are They Building Next to the Natural History Museum?

If you’ve been to the Natural History Museum lately, you may have noticed some construction going on next door. So, what are they building next to the Natural History Museum? Let’s dive in and find out.

Expansion Plans

The construction next to the Natural History Museum is actually part of an expansion project. The museum has been planning this expansion for years, and it’s finally coming to fruition. The goal of the project is to create more space for exhibits, research, and education.

New Exhibit Halls

One of the most exciting parts of the expansion project is the addition of new exhibit halls. These halls will house a variety of new exhibits that will give visitors a chance to learn about different aspects of natural history. Some of the new exhibits include:

  • The Evolution of Humans
  • The Diversity of Life in Oceans
  • The Wonders of Astronomy

Each exhibit hall will feature interactive displays, engaging videos, and hands-on activities that will bring each topic to life.

New Research Facilities

In addition to new exhibit halls, the expansion project includes new research facilities. These facilities will be used by scientists and researchers from around the world who are studying various aspects of natural history. The new facilities will include state-of-the-art labs and equipment that will enable researchers to conduct cutting-edge research.

New Education Spaces

Finally, the expansion project includes new education spaces that will be used by students and teachers from around the region. These spaces will include classrooms, labs, and other teaching facilities that will allow students to learn about natural history in a hands-on way.


So there you have it! The construction next to the Natural History Museum is part of an exciting expansion project that will bring new exhibit halls, research facilities, and education spaces to the museum. If you’re a fan of natural history, be sure to visit the museum when the expansion is complete to check out all the new exhibits and facilities.