What Art Was Made in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece is often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. It was a time when art and culture flourished, and many of the principles that we still hold dear today were first established.

Greek art has had a significant influence on the world of art, and its legacy can still be seen in modern-day art forms. In this article, we will explore what kind of art was made in Ancient Greece.


Greek sculpture is perhaps one of the most famous forms of Greek art. It is characterized by its realistic portrayal of human anatomy and its attention to detail. Greek sculptors often used marble as their medium and created sculptures that were either freestanding or part of larger architectural structures like temples.

One of the most famous examples of Greek sculpture is the statue of Zeus at Olympia. This colossal statue stood over 40 feet tall and was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Another well-known example is the Venus de Milo, which depicts a woman with an idealized body.


Pottery was another prominent form of ancient Greek art. Greek potters created a range of different types of pottery including amphorae, kraters, and kylikes. These vessels were often decorated with scenes from mythology or everyday life.

One notable style is called black-figure pottery which involved painting figures in black on a red background. Another style called red-figure pottery involved painting figures in red on a black background.


Greek architecture is perhaps best known for its temples which were grand structures designed to honor the gods. These temples were typically built on elevated sites and featured columns, friezes, and pediments.

The Parthenon in Athens is perhaps one of the most famous examples of ancient Greek architecture. This temple was dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, and features beautiful sculptures and intricate architectural details.


Greek mosaics were another important form of art. Mosaics were made by piecing together small stones or pieces of glass to create intricate designs. These designs often depicted scenes from mythology or everyday life.

One famous example is the Alexander Mosaic which depicts Alexander the Great in battle against the Persian king Darius III. This mosaic is over 8 feet tall and 16 feet wide and is considered one of the finest examples of ancient Greek art.


In conclusion, ancient Greece was a time when art and culture flourished. Greek artists created some of the most beautiful and enduring works of art in history, from sculptures that celebrated the human form to temples that honored the gods. Their legacy can still be seen in modern-day art and architecture.