What Can You Do With a Masters in American History?

If you are fascinated by American history and have pursued a Masters degree in the subject, you may now be wondering what career options are available to you. The good news is that a Masters in American history can open doors to a range of exciting and meaningful careers.

Academic Careers

One of the most obvious paths for those with a Masters in American history is academia. With this degree, you can become a professor or lecturer at a college or university. You could also pursue research opportunities, either independently or as part of an academic institution.

Museum and Archival Work

Museums and archives also offer several opportunities for those with a Masters in American history. You could work as a curator, exhibit designer, archivist, or collections manager. These roles involve researching and preserving historical artifacts and documents, as well as sharing them with the public through exhibits and educational programs.

Public History

Public history is an emerging field that involves making historical knowledge accessible to wider audiences outside of academia. With your Masters degree in American history, you could work as a consultant for organizations such as historical societies, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. Public historians are responsible for designing exhibits or creating educational programs that communicate historical information clearly and engagingly.

Media and Journalism

Another option for those with a Masters in American history is to work in media or journalism. You could become a writer for historical publications or work as an editor for books on American history. Alternatively, you could work as a journalist specializing in historical topics.


Finally, there are several government positions that may be available to those with a Masters in American history. You could become an archivist at the National Archives or work as an analyst at various government agencies such as the CIA or FBI.


As you can see, there are several career options available to those with a Masters in American history. From academia to government positions, from museum work to public history, the possibilities are vast and varied. With your passion for history and the skills you have developed through your degree program, you can make a meaningful impact in whichever field you choose.