What Changed After Jesus Resurrection?

After Jesus’ crucifixion, his followers were left in despair. However, three days later, the unexpected happened – Jesus rose from the dead.

This event changed everything for his followers and for the world as a whole. Let’s explore what changed after Jesus’ resurrection.

The Belief in Eternal Life

One of the most significant changes that occurred after Jesus’ resurrection was the belief in eternal life. Before this event, people believed that death was final and there was no hope beyond it. However, with Jesus rising from the dead and appearing to his followers, they began to believe that death was not the end but rather a transition to eternal life.

This belief in everlasting life is still prevalent today among Christians who believe that through faith in Jesus Christ, they will have eternal life after death.

The Power of Forgiveness

Another change that occurred after Jesus’ resurrection was the power of forgiveness. Before this event, forgiveness was not a common practice, and people often sought revenge to settle disputes.

However, when Jesus appeared to his disciples after rising from the dead, he forgave them for abandoning him during his crucifixion. This act of forgiveness showed his followers that forgiveness is more powerful than revenge and can bring healing and restoration.

The Spread of Christianity

After Jesus’ resurrection, his followers became emboldened and began spreading his teachings throughout the world. They preached about eternal life through faith in Christ and forgiveness as a means of healing and restoration.

This message resonated with many people, leading to widespread conversions to Christianity. Today, Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world with over 2 billion followers.

The Establishment of the Church

As Christianity spread throughout the world, communities formed around these beliefs. These communities eventually evolved into churches where believers could come together to worship God and learn more about their faith.

The establishment of the church was a significant change that occurred after Jesus’ resurrection. It provided a place for believers to come together, support one another, and carry out the teachings of Jesus.


In conclusion, Jesus’ resurrection changed everything for his followers and for the world as a whole. It brought hope for eternal life, showed the power of forgiveness, led to the spread of Christianity, and established the church as a place for believers to come together.

Today, these changes still resonate with Christians around the world and continue to shape their beliefs and practices. The resurrection of Jesus remains one of the most significant events in human history and has impacted countless lives over the centuries.