What Changed After the Resurrection of Jesus?

After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, his followers were left devastated and lost. However, three days later, something miraculous and unprecedented happened – Jesus rose from the dead.

This event, known as the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, changed the course of human history forever. In this article, we will explore what changed after the Resurrection of Jesus.

The Belief in Life After Death

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ gave people hope and faith in life after death. It showed that death is not the end and that there is a possibility of eternal life. This belief became a fundamental aspect of Christianity and gave Christians a sense of purpose and meaning.

The Spread of Christianity

After the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, his disciples became fearless preachers who spread the message of Christianity far and wide. They traveled to different parts of the world, preaching about the resurrection and converting people to Christianity. The Resurrection became a central aspect of Christian teachings and helped to establish Christianity as a major world religion.

The Concept of Forgiveness

Before the Resurrection, forgiveness was not a common practice among people. However, after Jesus forgave his persecutors even while he was being crucified, forgiveness became an integral part of Christian teachings. The Resurrection reinforced this concept by showing that forgiveness leads to eternal life.

The Elimination of Barriers

The Resurrection eliminated social barriers such as race, gender, and class. It taught that all humans are equal in God’s eyes regardless of their social status or background. This concept helped to promote equality among people and made Christianity accessible to people from all walks of life.


In conclusion, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ had a profound impact on human history. It gave people faith in life after death, established Christianity as a major world religion, promoted forgiveness and equality, and eliminated social barriers. The Resurrection continues to inspire people today and remains a central aspect of Christian teachings.