What Channel Is American History on DISH Network?

Are you a history buff looking for a channel that offers American history content? Well, you are in luck because DISH Network has got you covered.

DISH Network is one of the leading satellite television providers in the United States, offering a broad range of programming options, including channels that cater to history enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore what channel American history is on DISH Network and what programs you can expect to see.

What is DISH Network?

Before we dive into what channel American history is on DISH Network, let’s first understand what DISH Network is. DISH Network is an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider that offers over 200 television channels, including popular networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

What Channel Is American History on DISH Network?

If you are a lover of American history and want to watch some great historical content on your TV screens, then the History Channel is your go-to place. The History Channel offers a vast array of programs related to American history that will keep you engaged for hours.

The History Channel can be found on different channels depending on where you live and the package you have subscribed to. Here are some of the most common channels for The History Channel:

  • 120 (HD/SD) – East
  • 121 (HD/SD) – West
  • 9421 (HD) – East
  • 9422 (HD) – West

If you cannot find The History Channel using these numbers or want more information about the channel’s availability in your area or package subscription options, contact customer support for assistance.

What Programs Can You Expect To See On The History Channel?

The History Channel has an extensive library of programming related to American history, including documentaries, movies, and TV shows. Here are some examples of the programs you can expect to see on The History Channel:

Ancient Aliens

This popular TV show explores the theory that extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth throughout history and contributed to humanity’s evolution.

American Pickers

American Pickers is a reality TV show that follows two antique collectors as they travel across the United States in search of rare and valuable items.

Forged In Fire

Forged In Fire is a competition-based TV show that features bladesmiths who compete against each other to create the best weapons using different materials and techniques.

The Men Who Built America

This historical documentary series explores the lives of prominent American businessmen who played a significant role in shaping the country’s economy during the industrial revolution era.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a channel that offers quality American history programming on DISH Network, then The History Channel is your go-to option. With an extensive range of programming options, including documentaries, reality shows, and historical dramas, The History Channel has something for everyone interested in learning more about US history. Just tune in to the channel on your DISH Network subscription package.