What Clothing Did Ancient Greece Wear?

Ancient Greece is known for its rich history, culture, and contributions to philosophy, arts, and science. One aspect of this culture that is often overlooked is their fashion.

Ancient Greek clothing styles were simple yet elegant and had a significant influence on the fashion trends of the time. Let’s take a closer look at what clothing did Ancient Greece wear.

Ancient Greek Clothing for Men

The ancient Greeks had a unique sense of style that was reflected in their clothing choices. Men in ancient Greece typically wore a chiton – a simple tunic made from linen or wool. This tunic was usually knee-length or ankle-length and draped over the body in graceful folds.

A belt called a zoster was worn around the waist to cinch the tunic and keep it in place. The zoster was often made from leather or fabric and could be plain or decorated with elaborate designs.

Men also wore a himation – a rectangular piece of cloth draped over one shoulder and wrapped around the body similar to a toga. The himation was typically worn for outdoor activities such as hunting or traveling.

For footwear, men wore sandals made from leather or woven materials such as reeds or grasses. These sandals were designed with straps that wrapped around the ankle and were held in place with laces.

Ancient Greek Clothing for Women

Women in ancient Greece usually wore two main garments – a chiton and a himation. The chiton was similar to that worn by men but longer, reaching down to the ankles. It was often belted at the waist using a girdle called an estoma.

The himation was draped over one shoulder and wrapped around the body like a shawl, leaving one arm free while covering the other arm and shoulder.

Women also wore veils called kredemnon when out in public, which covered their hair and neck. These veils were often decorated with jewelry or embroidered designs.

For footwear, women wore sandals similar to those worn by men but often decorated with colorful designs or patterns.


The clothing worn in ancient Greece was simple yet elegant, reflecting the culture’s emphasis on beauty and grace. Men typically wore a chiton and himation, while women wore a longer chiton and himation as well as a veil called kredemnon. Both men and women wore sandals made from leather or woven materials.

Understanding the clothing of ancient Greece gives us insight into their culture and way of life. It also serves as inspiration for modern fashion designers who continue to draw inspiration from these classic styles.