What Could Women Do in Ancient Times?

Women have come a long way since ancient times in terms of their rights and opportunities. While women today enjoy equal rights in many parts of the world, it is important to understand the limitations faced by women in ancient times.

Marriage and Family

In ancient times, marriage was considered to be a woman’s primary goal. Women were expected to marry as early as possible, and their role was primarily that of a wife and mother. The father had complete control over his daughter’s life until she was married off.


Education was not considered important for women in ancient times. Girls were not allowed to attend schools or universities, and they were not taught to read or write. It was believed that education would distract them from their primary role as wives and mothers.


Women were restricted from most forms of work outside the home. The only work considered acceptable for women was weaving, spinning, and other domestic chores. Women who did venture out to work faced discrimination and harassment.

Social Life

Women were confined to their homes in most ancient societies. They had limited social interaction with men outside of their immediate family members. This isolation often led to feelings of loneliness and depression among women.


Religion played an important role in the lives of ancient women. Many religions placed strict rules on women’s behavior and dress code, limiting their freedom of expression.


In conclusion, the lives of women in ancient times were very different from what we experience today. Women faced many limitations on their rights, education, opportunities, and social interactions. However, despite these challenges, many exceptional women throughout history broke through these barriers and left an indelible mark on society forevermore.