What Countries Did Ancient Greece Trade With?

During the ancient times, Greece was known as one of the most powerful and influential civilizations around the world. One of the main reasons for this was their widespread trade networks with different countries.

Ancient Greece was famous for its exports such as olive oil, wine, pottery, and textiles. In return, they imported various items like metals, spices, and luxury goods from other countries. Let’s take a closer look at some of the countries that ancient Greece traded with.


Egypt was one of the primary trading partners of ancient Greece. The Greeks imported papyrus, grain, linen, and other textiles from Egypt in exchange for Greek wine and olive oil. The two civilizations also shared a cultural exchange where Greek philosophers like Pythagoras and Plato traveled to Egypt to learn from Egyptian priests.


Phoenicia was another important trading partner of ancient Greece. The Phoenicians were skilled sailors and traders who helped the Greeks to expand their trade network across the Mediterranean Sea. They traded goods like cedar wood, glassware, and purple dye in exchange for Greek pottery.


The Romans were known for their vast empire which included many parts of Europe and Africa. Ancient Greece had a significant influence on Roman culture including their art, literature, philosophy as well as trade practices. Greeks exported wine, olive oil, honey along with other luxury items to Rome in exchange for spices and exotic food items such as pepper.


Persia (modern-day Iran) was another country that had extensive trade relations with ancient Greece. The Persians were famous for their luxurious textiles such as silk which were highly valued by Greeks. In return, Persians imported Greek pottery along with other goods like wine.


India had a prominent role in ancient Greek trade networks through its exports of spices, precious stones, and textiles. The Greeks were fascinated by Indian culture and mythology, which can be seen in the works of Greek writers like Herodotus and Alexander the Great. However, it was a challenging journey to reach India from Greece due to geographical barriers.


Ancient Greece’s trade networks helped them to become one of the most prosperous civilizations of their time. They traded with countries across continents and gained a wealth of knowledge about different cultures and practices. These trade relations also helped Greece to expand its influence in art, philosophy, and science which have had an enduring impact on Western civilization.