What Crops Did Ancient Greece Grow?

Ancient Greece is known for its fascinating history, culture, and mythology. In addition to their impressive artistic and architectural achievements, the ancient Greeks were also skilled farmers who cultivated a variety of crops. Let’s take a closer look at what crops they grew and how they utilized them.

The Importance of Agriculture in Ancient Greece

Agriculture played a significant role in the economy and daily life of ancient Greece. The mild climate and fertile soil made it possible for farmers to produce an abundance of crops that sustained not only themselves but also the growing population.


One of the most important crops grown by ancient Greeks was grains. Wheat was the most popular and was used to make bread, which was a staple food item in their diet. Barley was also cultivated and used to make porridge, beer, and other food products.


Fruits were also an essential part of the ancient Greek diet. Grapes were grown for wine production, which played a significant role in religious ceremonies as well as social gatherings.

Olives were another popular fruit that provided oil for cooking and lamps. Fig trees were also grown for their fruit, which could be eaten fresh or dried.


Vegetables were another crucial component of the ancient Greek diet. They grew a wide variety of vegetables such as beans, lentils, onions, garlic, cucumbers, and lettuce. These veggies were often used in stews or soups and accompanied meat dishes.

  • Beans: Fava beans were commonly eaten in Ancient Greece.
  • Lentils: Lentil soup was a staple dish.
  • Onions: Used as seasoning in many dishes.
  • Garlic: Garlic was used to flavor and preserve food.
  • Cucumbers: Eaten fresh or pickled, cucumbers were a popular vegetable.
  • Lettuce: Used in salads and as a garnish for meat dishes.


Honey was another essential crop for ancient Greeks. They kept bees and harvested honey, which was used as a sweetener in many dishes. Honey was also used to make mead, a popular alcoholic beverage.

The Role of Agriculture in Ancient Greek Society

Agriculture played an essential role in the economy of ancient Greece. Farmers were respected members of society and were often portrayed in art and literature. The Greeks believed that agriculture was a gift from the gods, and they held festivals to honor them.

In conclusion, agriculture was an integral part of ancient Greek society. They cultivated a variety of crops that sustained their diet and economy.

Grains, fruits, vegetables, honey were all grown and utilized in different ways. The legacy of ancient Greek agriculture still influences the way we farm today.