What Did Ancient Greece Contribute to Western Civilization?

The ancient Greeks were one of the most influential civilizations in history. Their contributions to western civilization have shaped and influenced the world we live in today.

From philosophy to art, science to politics, the Greeks left their mark on nearly every aspect of society. In this article, we will explore some of the most significant contributions of ancient Greece to western civilization.


One of the most significant contributions of ancient Greece was philosophy. The Greeks were the first to question and examine the nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. They developed a system of thought that would shape Western philosophy for centuries to come.

Some of the most famous Greek philosophers include Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates believed that true knowledge came from questioning everything and examining one’s own beliefs.

Plato believed in a world of abstract ideas that existed beyond what we can see or touch. Aristotle believed in using observation and logic to understand the world around us.

The Arts

Ancient Greece was also known for its art. Greek artists were known for creating stunning sculptures and beautiful pottery that still amaze people today.

One famous example is the statue of Zeus at Olympia, which was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The statue stood over 40 feet tall and was made entirely out of ivory and gold.

Greek theater was also influential in shaping Western drama as we know it today. Plays such as Oedipus Rex and Antigone explored complex themes like fate, morality, and free will.


The Greeks were also pioneers in science. They made significant advances in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and more.

One famous Greek scientist is Archimedes who developed principles related to buoyancy while he was bathing in his tub! He went on to make many other discoveries including calculating Pi with great accuracy.


Finally, ancient Greece was known for its contributions to politics. The Greeks were the first to develop the concept of democracy, which is still used in many countries today.

The city-state of Athens was particularly influential in this regard. Athenians developed a system of government where all citizens had a say in decision-making. This included not just wealthy men but also poor men and even some women.


In conclusion, the ancient Greeks have left an indelible mark on western civilization. From philosophy to art, science to politics, their contributions have shaped our world in ways that are still being felt today. Whether we realize it or not, we owe a great deal to the ancient Greeks for their insightful ideas and innovative thinking.